I was reading an article in a magazine recently and something the author said stuck with me. Basically he said he loved linux, but he wants MORE. The author was not a mac user, and like many of us non-mac users, he is turned off by the price, and the lack of sheer power and applications that are available to the mac, but MacOS X, combines *nix, and a super easy to use interface, something that linux has yet to do. Then it occurred to me how great it would be if MacOS was available on the x86 platform. Not only would MS have a real competitor, but we the people who cant afford a whole new set of hardware, could get *nix with a super cool gui and easy interface. This whole thing has made me really think about why I don't like macs and it has more to do with the hardware than anything else. I just dont want an expensive desk lamp. I can see my 1.8ghz P4 right now running MacOS.....that would be the day.