Liar, Liar

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Thread: Liar, Liar

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    Liar, Liar

    It seems like the most trendy statement coming out of people's mouth is. "Yeah I Know Linux"
    or typed "Yeah I Know Lenux" / "Yeah I Know Linex" / "Yeah I Know Linix" / "Yeah I Know Linox". I swear I have seen it typed in so many funked up combos. So, The question is. Do you lie about your knowledge of operating systems, because so many others use an os your not fimilair with?

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    What's the point in lying, eventually someone will call you out on it, ask you a question you can't possibly answer because you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

    I'm still very new here. I'm learning Linux and several programming languages. I can't say I know enough though to even write a tutorial yet about C++. I just don't feel comfortable. I can however write a tutorial about all the things I do know about and in time contribute to more relevant programming languages. See my tutorials on may not make your site secure, but it will look nice until you read a tutorial on how to make it secure. I figure while I'm learning I can at least contribute in some way, even if it's not exactly security related.

    And the best thing about AntiOnline, is it's not just computers, it's a community where you can debate on just about anything, so while I'm surfing the site, taking a break from my tutorials, I can post and laugh some, argue some, and always smile.

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    I'm still new here also and from what I see people seem to give very honest answers. I'm working on some tuts I am comfortable with and respond only if I can provide assistance like most everyone here speaks about what they know and understand. To lie about anything would really only hurt the one doing the lie and also they would short change them selves. I've learned tons here, and the people here seem very straight forward.
    I believe that one of the characteristics of the human race - possibly the one that is primarily responsible for its course of evolution - is that it has grown by creatively responding to failure.- Glen Seaborg

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    I think once you reach a certain age, telling the truth is natural. Lying is like throwing a stone in a lake. It causes a small ripple at first, but it begins to grow and grow until it is huge and out of control. When you throw three stones in it just causes a complete mess. People in the IT business can always tell if your full of it. As for me, well I know just about all there is to know about win OS's, excepting XP. I have been working with linux for about 2 months now and I learn something new all the time. But in no way do I claim to "know" linux. Sure, I can get around in it, install drivers, and tweak out some stuff, but by no means does that make me "know" linux. just my $0.02

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