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    AMD Athlon 2000+ or Willamette 2ghz p4?

    I'd like to know which of these two processors preforms better and more consistently. I was going for the willamette, but I've been hearing really good things about AMD. Please enlighten me . Thanks

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    I remember reading old comparison tests that put the Athlon XP 2000+ right on the level with the 2ghz p4 despite its slower speeds, however the new 2.53ghz p4, combined with the higher speed system bus, and super fast rambus ram kicks the ass of anything AMD currently has. Im not an Intel fan, but this is the fastest thing on the market, and the Athlon XP 2200+ only in there with a 266mhz fsb, it doesnt stand a chance.
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    I wonder how efficiently that Intel chip wastes clock cycles......
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    Heh heh, that's good Korp.

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    Talking Re: AMD Athlon 2000+ or Willamette 2ghz p4?

    I personally would go with the AMD ATHLON 2000 XP. I currently have an AMD ALTHLON 2100
    XP. The Pentium 4 processor, ironically enough, has a 30% less effeciency factor than those
    of the Pentium III processors. AMD ATHLON processors utilize your processing time much
    better than those of the pentium 4 variety, but the downfall is that they heat up much faster
    so you might want to invest in a heatsink. Visit www.coolermaster.com for futher
    information on heatsinks for AMD ATHLON processors. There you can find what you need for
    your processor. Currently, I have a Coolermaster (CB5-5G12) "Copper" Heatsink, and it
    works quite well. But yeah, I, personally, would choose an ATHLON over Pentium.

    If you want to get into technicalities, AMD ATHLON works actually on the same scale as
    a pentium 4, but AMD ATHLON utilizes ram much better and caching much better then
    pentium 4 processors, or so I have read via various sources on schematics etc.

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    this problem can be easly solve in one word nether... If you want a good quality procceser i whould go with a Northwood P4. Its proven to out run all prosesers out. But the only prob is there a little more expensive that the Willamette

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