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Thread: Smurf DoS attack

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    Smurf DoS attack

    I understood smurf is a very powerfull attack...basically you spoof packets and make it look the target for the smurf attack is pinging some Broadcast comps which ping the target comp back...BUT how come some comps give more echo requests than others(and NO this is not a stupid How do I hack Hotmail? question...I'm just curious!)

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    Post Smurf attack...

    Try this. There is a looot of info about smurf attack. Good luck


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    I am not sure what you mean by giving more echo requests. You can set the delay between ICMP requests and in unix you could use the -f flag for a flood ping which sends as fast as the OS and network can handle. Some OS's have the default delay slower than others, but the value can be changed. I am sure the TCP stack used by the OS also has something to do with it.

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