11 short "iq style" questions that are probably targeting a specific part of your brain?
also note doing this on a monday morning, is a disadvantage?

iq test, 30 questions, not the longest or hardest out there, but quickest. i think they are collecting data at this site because they only let you do it once, but it gives you a numerical result that they compare with everyone else that has taken the test. probably best leave this alone if it is monday morning.

i can't post this without a brief description, so basically this site consists of 150 alerts that trys to get to know the user. in other words this would mean that you are forced to sit there and press the ok button 150 times. might annoy you on a monday morning alright, especially if you pressed it 150 times and then realised that you could have just ended the task. anyway i think that there is potential to make a similar page that could be vastly more anoying.