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Thread: Linux Sound

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    Linux Sound

    I am having a problem set up sound in Mandrake 8.1 My sound card is built into the motherboard, and is an OPL3-SAx WDM
    When I am in mandrake 8.1 I am able to go to sndconfig and select it as a soundblaster and I get the test sounds up fine, but after leaving that I get back to it being quiet. I have also done that using the OPL2 drivers but still the same problem.
    Does anybody know how to sort this out? I have only really used linux before for a few months on my old pc and it worked o.k but I am still usless at setting it up properly:-(
    Anyway Thanks for your help

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    start with a google search on the newsgroups, follow up with a look through the sound HowTo's and hopefully you may get sound working.
    Thats the best starting point.

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