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    Hi, i don't know if this thread is in the scope of this forum but...

    In a small intranet i have a server whith a oracle database, when i go offline(disable network connection) i can still work whith this database but not if i unplug the wire from networkcard, the OS it's win95, can somebody explain me why does this happens?

    Thanx in advance
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    Take a look a winipcfg in each situation... you might see something there. ;-)

    (Sorry I can't be a bit more specific - been a while since I've touched Win95 and, well, I think I've been awake most of the week now... LOL)
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    Draziw i agree, it probably removes the IP bindings if the cable is removed. You can get round this by using the loopback address for oracle or install the M$ loop back adapter which will give you the address

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