I'm just learning Visual Basic. It's kind of fun but my VB book really sucks. I've been doing a little searching. And Thought I might ask the great communtity of Antionline. So here goes. I've got this program I'm supposed to do as an assignment.

The main form is supposed to calculate which i got ok. The calculations is done. Then once it outputs to the label captions. I'm supposed to move the answers from the captions to a summary form. The whole point of the summary form is to display today's totals. So everytime there is a calculation on the main form it's supposed to print out to the calculations on the labels, then move to the summary form. Now how do I move the output from the captions on the main form to the seperate summary form? And then how do I keep on adding to the summary everytime there is a calculation?

Main Form
Private Sub cmdCalculate_Click()
''Setup Const Variables
Const curTaxRate As Currency = 0.08 'The tax Rate 8%
Const curHourly As Currency = 30# 'The hourly wage is $30.00
''Setup Variables
Dim mcurTotal As Currency
Dim mcurSalesTax As Currency
Dim mcurHours As Currency
Dim mcurParts As Currency
Dim intHours As Integer
Dim strName As String
Dim intNumber As Long

''Setup Strings to go into Variables
curParts = Val(txtAmountParts.Text)
intHours = Val(txtHours.Text)
strName = Val(txtCustName.Text)
intNumber = Val(txtJobNumber.Text)
''Calculate Price for Parts
mcurParts = curParts
lblParts.Caption = FormatCurrency(mcurParts)
''Calculate labor price
mcurHours = intHours * curHourly
lblLabor.Caption = FormatCurrency(mcurHours)
''Calculate SubTotal
lblSubTotal.Caption = FormatCurrency(mcurParts + mcurHours)
''Calculate Just the Sales Tax
mcurSalesTax = curParts * curTaxRate
lblSalesTax.Caption = FormatCurrency(mcurSalesTax)
''Calculate The Total with Tax
mcurTotal = mcurSalesTax + mcurHours + mcurParts
lblTotal.Caption = FormatCurrency(mcurTotal)
End Sub

Private Sub cmdClear_Click()
'Clear All Boxes and Labels
txtAmountParts.Text = ""
txtHourst.Text = ""
txtCustName.Text = ""
txtJobNumber.Text = ""
lblParts.Caption = ""
lblLabor.Caption = ""
lblSubTotal.Caption = ""
lblSalesTax.Caption = ""
lblTotal.Caption = ""
End Sub

Private Sub cmdOk_Click()
Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub cmdPrint_Click()
End Sub
Summary Form
Option Explicit
'This is were I get stuck, I put in the labels for the output but then what? And how do I keep
' adding totals from the main form everytime there is a calculation?

Private Sub Form_Load()
lblSumParts.Caption = "<insert somthing here>" 'The total amount of parts for the day
lblSumHours.Caption = "<insert somthing here>" ' The total number of hours for the day
lblSumTotal.Caption = "<insert somthing here>" ' The main total from the main form
End Sub
Does antionline have syntax highlighting for posting code? I didn't see anything so I just used the quote thingy.