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    4 bay area cities pull plug on web sites

    4 cities in silicon valley got a bunch of hits from middle eastern sites. fearing Terrorist cyber attacks, they felt the best security was to pull the plug. more here...

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    I can believe that. I used to live in Mountain View, acutall alot of places over there. But Mountain View was my favorite. There are lots of big companys near San Francisco, San Jose Area. It would be a potential target for a cyber attack. It's good to see people and companys being cautious with there computers. Prevention is always the first step. The last thing we want is to see terroists beating us at are own game.
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    as long as there not losing that much money yea its smart but if they lose to much they want have the money to get the site back up. Plus this is only drawing atention to the site. This in away could draw the cyber atacks to them
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