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Thread: sup with supp.img ?

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    Question sup with supp.img ?

    Hi, reciently I got the RedHat 5.2 CD with a book, teach yourself linux programing in 24 hours, I installed redhat but it did not seem to suport my monitor. I have decided to get the latest version of RedHat from ftp then install it off my hard drive and use rpm to take the comercial software from my cd and onto my linux partition. So I found a site that explains how I would install redhat from my hard drive. It explained I first needed to create a directory tree on my windows partition and download RPMS images and base into the corosponding directorys, then to defragment my drive, get rawwrite and rawrite boot.img and supp.img to a floppy, so I can use them to boot the linux install. I found boot.img but can not find aupp.img, I have tryed over 5 difernt ftp sites looking for supp.img and have not been able to find it.

    My questions are:

    Where can i get supp.img?
    What is it?
    Do I need it?
    Why do i need it?
    and what does it do?

    I also took a look at several ftp servers listed on the site for redhat itself, none of the ones i tryed had supp.img. Can anyone help?
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    You probably don't need it. It's for PCMCIA (PCcard) support.
    I think you mostly need it for laptops, or stations where you
    dock your laptop to your regular PC.

    I've never needed it on a normal computer.

    ...it's in the images directory on the CD
    along with boot.img and root.img (I think I have the names right)
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    supp.img = Supplementary Image

    I'm very rusty at this so please bear with me. I'm pretty sure you don't download supp.img, you create it using rawrite.exe. Something similar to this-

    rawrite supp.img a:

    I could be way off. Your prolly better off pm'ing MsMittens for this type of info. On a side note, I'm pretty sure that trying to boot this way off a FAT32 disk wont work anyway. Sorry I couldn't be of more help....

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    Yea i think that its a file created by a program like Nortons Ghost that creats the image for you...
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    your all right. Shouldnt need it unless a laptop or docking with a laptop
    It should be in the same directory as boot.img and root.img (wich should be all you need to rawrite to a floppy) and the command listed by Conf1rm3d_K1ll is close it is actually D:\images\<image file> [assuming that your cd rom drive is D:\] and then it will ask you what drive to copy image to. You should be able to find this in the install help file but just to recap here is what you would do

    Command Prompt:
    C:\> d:
    D:\> cd \dosutils
    D:\> dosutils> rawrite

    D:\images\<image file>
    Then rawrite asks for a disk drive to write the image to:
    Enter target diskette drive:a:

    Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press
    --ENTER-- : [Enter]

    Will then copy to disk and then leave you at D:\ dosutils> [again all this is assuming your cd rom drive is d]

    If you dont understand completely or cannot find the install help file with the intructions just go here http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/l...e-rawrite.html
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    10X, I am sure glad I don't need it, I did see a pcmcia.img in the images directory, maybe they changed the name, so I used rawrite to rawrite the boot.img to a formated floppy. The distro has been downloaded to my E drive (primary slave) I filled the RPMS, base and images directorys. E:\redhat\redhat\RPMS e:\redhat\redhat\base and E:\redhat\images I then downloaded fips rawrite and loadlin to the dosutils directory on E and, with my boot.img on floppy, rebooted my PC. I had priviously made partitions for another Linux distro so I decided that I would use those partitions and not bother with partitioning. At the boot prompt i typed linux, it initialized, i chose my language and keyboard, it then asked me where my install images were, it had two options, one was CD-ROM and the other was the Hard drive, so I chose the hard drive. It then presented me with a list


    Im prity sure because my E drive is slave it would be hdb1 being that there is one partition on it and its a primary slave. but that was not in the list, it said if it is not in the list push F2 so i did, i tryed all 4 drivers in the list to configure the second HD, it still did not list it, so I booted windows, copyed all the files from E:\Redhat\*.* to C:\Redhat\, then foprmated my floppy with boot.img, moved to C:\redhat\dosutils, ran rawrite and spesified the new source and destination, rebooted, but this time the only hard drive partitions available to choose from is /dev/hdd1 which I assume is my CD, but I want to install from dev/hda1 not CD but it will no longer list /dev/hda1 and it did before.

    Any help or sugestions would be greatly apriciated.
    In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom
    which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil. But must I know what must not come, for I shale become those of knowledgedome. Peace~

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