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Thread: HTML Workaround?

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    HTML Workaround?

    Im looking at a webpage, www.tombraidermovie.com and I want to see how they did the HTML screen. The "Show Source" is blanked out but i REALLY want to know how they pulled it off. If you want to see what i mean, go to that page and click enter/english/high speed.

    I know thats an html file because its cached -- but i want to see the code to make it full screen.

    Anyone know a workaround?


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    I did not have trouble seeing the source and these use Flash so unless what you want to see was designed to be full screen there is nothing you can do to make the flash file full screen. Inside the Flash editor you set the size.
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    Unfortunately it's Flash however the buttons at the bottom are just image rollovers using JavaScript.

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    Lightbulb Easy javascript

    I've found the html help file section from DreamWeaver4's O'Reilly JavaScript Reference about open(), and have attached it. Read the webpage for some very good info.

    If you have any problems just ask, or PM me.

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