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Thread: Digital Rights Management and Privacy

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    Exclamation Digital Rights Management and Privacy

    Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems restrict the use of digital files in order to protect the interests of copyright holders. DRM technologies can control file access (number of views, length of views), altering, sharing, copying, printing, and saving. These technologies may be contained within the operating system, program software, or in the actual hardware of a device.

    Read the full text here, with tons of links to documents, news, etc....

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    Yup. But what is real scary is that Microsoft, Intel and AMD among others, are in the works of building such a thing. Microsoft with their "features" in LongHorn which requires Palladium. And AMD/Intel building Palladium into their chips. My over-view does no justice to what this all means, so please read these Links:

    http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/rja14/tcpa-faq.html - FAQ on what this means

    http://www.msnbc.com/news/770511.asp?cp1=1 - MSNBC look at Palladium

    http://newsforge.com/newsforge/02/06...47.shtml?tid=9 - One more article on it.

    IIRC; this won't happen for awhile, and maybe, just maybe, enough ppl will voice their expression of distaste for it, that these companies will drop it. Something like the Serial numbers, for the PIII.
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    But what is real scary is that Microsoft, Intel and AMD among others, are in the works of building such a thing
    hmmmmmm and knowing that give me all the more reason to delete ALL the accounts that come with my parents XPPro........ hmmmmm you know that XPPro comes with 3 or 4 accounts that are suposedly not accessable? funny that there there and completly unused and not accessable....... hmmmm i sence a conspiracy here...... then again, mabee i just smell bill?

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