I was just thinking about something. Today at work, I was discussing the changeover of the company I work for to a federal job with our local TSA agent. He is pretty kewl. . . but on with the story. He was telling me we would have to re-apply online for the position. You will have to enter your Name, Address, Phone, SS#, etc. . . I got to thinking about all the government servers that have been hacked in the past few months by the Deceptive Duo & others. . . I reallt want to keep my job. . . but dont know if I want my information floating around in some government server for the next hacker to get ahold of. What do you guys think about this?

PS: For those of you who are wondering what the hell im talking about. . . I work for a security company at an airport. . . and have for the past three years while I put myself through college. I graduated and now have a degree as a PC Specialist. . . but I love my job at the airport & dont want to give it up just yet. Especially if I can get a Federal Job.