toker ... i don't care about the pointing system as much as i do about telling my point of view ...

well ... were i'm using wars as a form ....? in a way .. yes it is ... but what i meant is real wars ....

My point of view, actually most of the meddle east think this way ...

for example the Iraq war vs. kuwait .... what people say here :

why the hell Iraq would get to kuwait ... and how the hell the prince of kuwait knew about it before it happen and he just left the country ... ( i was there at that time ).

well .... we say , Iraq + USA + Kuwait made it up, we all know saddam husain wouldn't get to kuwait after all the aids they got from Kuwait.

and USA , needed to get to the region ... " OIL " .... :
1- they got lots of oil.
2- lots of money for fighting instead of Kuwaities.
3- they sold lots of old weapons to gulf " which they didn't know how to get rid of it "
and they still here, wonder why .. didn't the war finish yet !!
ahaa what they keep saying " iraq still own lots of dang. weapons .... like !!!! what about USA ... it do the same .. why not to get in it the state and start bombing here and there as they do in iraq !!??

2nd. ) " Industries " ... we have lots of man power in our region in addition to ( money & natural resources) what will happen if we started manufacturing our needs.
do u have an idea what is the average of consumerism in ME.
i guaranty that US will lose much than ur brain can count.

so .. for all americans ... don't be that sad ... u've been living in a bad situation since 11.sept, as for us .. we’ve been living in this shitty situation for more than 50 years … so what do u expect from a whole generation been raised and grown in an inapplicable environment

on the other hand ... that doesn't mean we hate Americans or european .... ... but for sure we hate Israelis .... just being frank