I've been following the discussions over United States, it's foregin policy, Political influence and if we go deeper we can get into a huge 150 years of influence over the American continent and the planet. Yes it stinks but this is the way it is, this is the way humans behave. Why Europe is consolidating itself as a political/economical block? Same thing, power-influence-money. If it was not United States it would be what? Russia? England? France? Germany? Spain?
Let's get back in time an realize that all such countries were in some point of time powerfull nations and that they used their power to achieve it's own convenience.

I lived in USA for 6 years, during college period. I can say that i learn an entire life there. My best friends are from USA and on my daily work i deal with the United States and it's people all day, people that CARE, people that have levels of patriotism that we should in deed copy and paste all over the American continent.
But definetelly it's foreign policy has not been good at all in the past and i do not see that it will change in the future. Big corporations call the shots and the $$ figure stills is the motion for over 90% of all of us.

Let's remember that i am also an American, people from Mexico, from Cuba, from Colombia, from Argentina, from all over the American continent and i believe that are many of us that have the same utopic dream that one day we all will be just one great nation, no frontiers and barriers and that the major global objective will be the development of mankind.