If someone could find our National Revenue, that would help alot with this point. I looked but couldnt find.
But lets take a look at the National Income. And take .1% of that. Thats alot of money. More money than any other country has givin out.(If you can correct me on that please do.)
CIA World Factbook
GDP US of A purchasing power parity - $9.963 trillion (2000 est.).
.1% of that amount of money IS a lot of money (that's why I differentiated between relative and absolute figures). The US of A has a population of about 280 million.
That makes a GDP per capita of:
CIA World Factbook
GDP - per capita US of Aurchasing power parity - $36,200 (2000 est.)
Let's make this easy. If you take the .1%-figure, you'll see that every American citizin gives about 36.2 USD/year (just an average), and that IS a lot of money.
Or, the US as a country gives about $10,136,000,000 / year. (Note: Bush added an extra 5 billion to that figure earlier this year).

Let's do the same math for some European countries:

Germany (they give almost 1% of the national income to '3rd world support' - I have these figures from a Belgium magazine that quoted a UN-rapport; couldn't find it on the net though).

With a GDP per capita of $23,400 (2000 est.): every German gives about $234.
Or, Germany (as a country, population 85 million) gives about $19,890,000,000 / year. That's almost twice as much as the States, with only 1/3 of the population.

Belgium (about .7% of the national income goes to '3rd world support')

With a GDP per capita of $25,300 (2000 est.): every Belgian gives about $177.
Belgium (as a country, population 10 million) gives about $1,770,000,000. That's less than the US, of course... Belgium only has 1/28 of the US's population...

In fact, Germany, France, Italy, the UK,...all give more money (relatively AND absolutely) than the US of A.

That's NOT more money than any other country has given out

We shouldnt worry about the starving kids in where ever. Lets leave that to the missionarys. We shouldnt worry about the Civil war in where-ever, lets leave that to the freedom fighters, or terrorist if your on the otherside of the fence.
My personal opinion on all of this: I think the money we spend on other countries should be spent on our own countries. Belgium has one of the most sophisticated social-security systems in the world, but still there are some Belgians that aren't able of getting at least one decent meal a day (and I know for a fact that there are lots of Americans in the same case). I'm not saying we should totally ignore those other countries, but we should make sure we ourselves are fine before we start helping out others. If we'd totally ignore those other countries though, they'll come after our food/money one day. Plain and simple: those Africans may be poor, but the day they're coming after our food themselves, I'd run like hell (reminds me of that other story: if all Chinese would start jumping at the same time, an immense earthquake would destroy the earth...).

We should, however worry about the Israelis. WHY? Isnt that the source of alot of the hate of America, as bimmer put so bluntly.
Well, this is a personal opinion but, My aunt is in the IDF, she lives in Tel-Aviv. Most of the time she stands in front of a Quickie Mart(Conveinient Store). Well, if the United States stopped supporting there independance, and their defences, my aunt may not have enough ammunition to cap the suicide bomber headed her way. Ya know, the bottom line is....we should support Isreals Defence, because the Martyrs Brigade, Hammas and all those other groups TARGET civilians. Much like the Terrorist Attacks of 9-11.

When Japan laid down a near fatal blow in Pearl Harbor, we didnt lable them Terrorist. We lost thousands and thousands of Americans. It was an honorable attack. They Targeted a military outpost. Yeah, there was some Civilians casulties, but that was not their main goal. Al-Quida on the other hand, was trained in Terroristic means of combat. I mean have you seen the training manuals for these guy....training them to pump cyanide gas into buildings, urban combat, how to build bombs, ect...
As you said: a personal opinion. You know I don't agree, but I'm not going to argue about that over and over again...
Something else though: you mention Al-Quada. Just to make things clear: Al-Quada is Taliban (Afghanistan), and is not related to Arafat's PLO, or to Hamas/Al Aqsa...(although there may be some connections).

But i have to ask my self....how many civilians died in Nagasaki, and Heroshima?
I'm glad you mentioned Nagasaki/Hiroshima. I just hope that was a lesson learned concerning atomic weapons.