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Thread: Basic IRC Alias

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    Post Basic IRC Alias

    Ok, this is my first tutorial but here goes.

    /m /msg

    All you do is pick a long word that u don't feel like typeing alot say /kick and say you just want to type /k instead of /kick then just hit ctrl+a in mIRC and this will pop your alias box open. Type in the letter u want "/k" then space once and type "/kick" and thats it. go test it out in some unregistered room and kick yourself out. I have attached the script but you need to change the extentsion to .mrc instead of txt.

    Some Examples.
    /m /msg
    /b /ban
    /s /server
    /j /join

    I think after you read this you should get the idea, I may do another tutorial down the line on more advanced alias or maybe a remote tutorial. Well if you liked this tut then send me an e-mail at billgates891@billgates891.l33t.ca

    http://billgates891.l33t.ca/html <--- I will be postin my IRC scripts here if you want to check some out.
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    Also you can ``chain`` certain IRC commands together, eg:

    /setup {
    /topic #mychan Welcome to my channel
    /mode #mychan +o Jethro
    /mode #mychan -b *

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