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Thread: howto do this

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    howto do this

    i am having a p4 pc,its drives are dived into d,e,f;my friends will be sharing my pc ,they mess every thing,so i thought of having a drive for my personel use as i cannot restrict them from accessing my pc,so is there any way for getting a password for a drive,as i can keep all my materials in that drive, so that no one can access it,if u know about it dont hesitate to mail me ,my address is praveendasika@sify.com,i am using windows xp proffessional,please help me from this mess
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    use the ntfs file system and u can password protect a partion or drive.
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    well technically ntfs permissions isn't "password protecting" but it will only allow you to access that drive...

    1-the drive in question has to be formated with NTFS
    2-you have to use diffrent logins for all all users (actually, at least YOU need to have a dffrent login/account than your friends)

    Steps for ntfs permissions:
    1-go in my computer and right click the drive in question.
    2-click propreties
    3-click the "sercurity" tab
    4-add your user and administrator to the list
    5-set full access for you and admin. in the checkboxs below
    6-remove "everyone" from the list

    you're done. in fact, you can do the same on individual folders or files on a NTFS drive.

    now only your user account can access that driver/folders/files

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    if you want to have a part of your hard drive that only you can access without partitions. i have heard of a program called steganos security suite, it allows you to create a "secure" part of your hard drive that is hidden, and even if people do manage to find it, its password protected. I dont know how descent it is, i remember getting a trial version ages ago, it also has other features like encryption etc...

    its a just a suggestion im not sure of the effectiveness of the program but if you fancy an alternative to the other posts i suggest you give it a try, heres the link-


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    you also could use extended operating system loader (www.xosl.org) you can boot several os's with it, but you also can choose witch partitions to hide for each os you load. Very nice program. Of cousre it also has password abilities..
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