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Thread: IRC moo.dll tutorial

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    IRC moo.dll tutorial

    =Bill Gates891's Moo.dll IRC Tutorial=

    Lets begin.
    1. Download moo.dll from http://www.influenced.net/moodll.php **WARNING** ONLY DOWNLOAD MOO.DLL FROM THAT LINK, IT IS VERY POSSIBLE THAT IF YOU DOWNLOAD FROM ANOTHER SITE YOU MAY GET A TROJAIN. MOO.DLL COPY CATS CONTAIN TROJAINS 50% OF THE TIME. (I have also attached it to this post)
    2. Extract to your mIRC dir
    3. open up mirc and type /load -rs moodll.mrc
    4. Play with some of the commands:
    5. If you have winamp you may control it with moo.dll, use the following scripts

    /song {
    /dll mir.dll songv
    set %songmessage $read(song.txt)
    /me %songmessage $+ %song $+
    /next {
    /dll mir.dll winamp next
    /prev {
    /dll mir.dll winamp prev
    /pause {
    /dll mir.dll winamp pause
    6. You can customize moo.dll to say different things, ex when u say /uptime moo.dll gives a simple little uptime but if customize a bit

    /uptime {
    //say ||||||Win Me Uptime: ||||| $dll(moo.dll,uptime,_
    <billgates891> Win Me Uptime: 4h 59s <--------ugly origanial one
    <billgates891> ||||||Win Me Uptime:|||||| 4h 4m 12s <------better looking with some customizing

    If this tutorial helped you, Please e-mail me at billgates891@billgates891.l33t.ca
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    Wow! you said you were going to write a tutorial and you had it made 5 minutes later! Cool , you'll fit well in with this coffee-drinking community.


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    ahahahaha, i was bored, i am gonna make some for setting up an php on an apache server, setting up and useing mysqladmin, and omg the biggest ****in tutorial in the world! phpnuke
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