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Thread: Too Aggressive...

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    Too Aggressive...

    These forums are beginning to be to aggressive. I am thinking about joining another security site. Flaming doesn't help anyhting if you don't like the post don't reply. I am not trying to sound mean with that but it is true. When you flame someone you don't get anywhere you most likely get flamed back by the thread poster. Whats the point? To seem big and like an owner of the forum? If anything, this makes you small and no one will like you in the forum. Just had to get this off my mind because it is getting very annoying. Thanks

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    Don't leave, some people just have to flame to get it off their chest. Besides, there is no security site/forum better than AO ;p. But then again, we get this all the time and no one leaves.

    Thanks for your time~
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    Blah blah blah...here we go again, someone who thinks the whole site is going to stop because he leaves.


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    Why not try to use your free time writting a good tutorial or help somebody in need in the Newbie Forums instead of trying to find a pathetic excuse for leaving AntiOnline?
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    Er...last I checked, pretty much any forum you goto (applesoft...grrrr...) your going to have flamers (no pun intended)...inconspicuous people that feel the open forum is a way to get out their aggression...here's a better way to look at it, think of it as funny. Find the humor in stuff and lifes much eaiser...

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    Hey Ryan,

    Don't take off. It's true that some are here lately to do nothing but flame. But there are some of us who are here to learn and help. It is a bad time to ask a "bad" question because of the whole antipoint leveling system and people trying to balance themselves...

    Stick around for a bit. You'll see that some people talk about something interesting, informative or funny. Give it some time. (also, since summer is here, and school is out, there "could" be an influx of newbies to the site. Just give it time....)

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    I do agree that there are a lot of invalid flames going on lately. Any look around you can see that a few of the 'newbies' asked a question the wrong way, got flamed for it, and afterwards were treated unfairly by being flamed in several other valid threads. I thought about making a thread about this, I have saved a lot of threads on notepad where people were being flamed for no reason whatsoever. Maybe that's part of the downside of having to balance out your points, who knows.

    But I do understand what you mean, Ryan. And I don't see this as a thread where he thought AO was going to stop because he was leaving. He was just getting a thought out, if that's so wrong here, then flaming is not the problem, the supression of thinking is. If you get enough negatives in one day for a valid post, wouldn't that make you question if you should stay or if you should go? I know it would for me.

    I know this was mentioned in another thread several days ago...more-known members can type a simple one line post and that is perfectly fine, but if a 'newbie' does it, he can get severely flamed. Why is that?

    In another thread, a person was bashed simply because of his poor English.

    Maybe this is a question of kindness and ethics.

    People don't bother to look into the perspective of the other person when making a decision, how they would feel, etc. I thought this post would shed light on a different perspective a little bit.

    At any rate, Ryan, it's not worth leaving AO over. You've contributed a lot of great things and it would be a waste to have you go. People are going to flame, no matter what you say, maybe by my post, there will be some additional perspective that will stop unneccessary flaming. Write some tutorials, check out IRC sometime, contribute some jokes, and help people out. In no time, there will be no reason whatsoever for people to flame you for no reason.

    There has been a lot of controversial topics, people have been heated up. I've sure as hell been lately. I got a hell of a lot of negs, and some nasty comments to go along with them. (Yes, a couple of them made me cry...pathetic, huh?) Yes, the comments make you think...but, even being an Addict now, I still get flamed. The best advice is to take it with a grain of salt.

    Everyone just SMILE damn it!!!

    Can't we all just get along?

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    I dare you to find a community, online or off where "flaming" in some sense or another doesn't happen.
    There is no utopia, give up searching for it and focus on doing what you know is right. If a community isn't right for you, then move on...just for god's sake...don't whine about it!!

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    GreekGoddess has spoken wisely, and as well [even though I am a lowly newb whose opinion is discredited...] I really think it's so important to remember when communicating in textual media alone that you can't assume the way you read it was the way it was intended; for example, you could be reading this picturing a really irate attention-seeking tone, or perhaps a mopey whine, or a derisive sneer. There's nothing in text that can indicate tonality, a really important feature of speech, so it's really easy to misinterpret stuff. I'm actually *thinking* this in a pretty neutral tone, so any of the aforementioned suggestions would be wrong, and also cause me to be flamed if you had assumed them. I mean the content of this post doesn't really merit assuming I'm being arrogant, but on other occasions it could do. I know I've had more arguments online than I've ever had in face to face interaction [which would total 0!]. Avoid flaming if the sentiment behind a post is ambiguous; you can never truly know how words were intended unless someone's taken the effort to actually describe it, but usually you can guess from the context. Perhaps for the purposes of harmonious interaction it'd be an idea to just assume the best, and if you're not sure of the spirit in which a comment is intended then contact the author personally. Or just use the antipoints system I guess. But at least that way it's discreet and avoids publically embarrassing people who had good intentions? Just a thought.

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    Yea i Agree , I do not think you should split Ryan because this site is all about helping people and you do learn from your mistakes , but cmon Ry admit it , dont you feel the tension when a lamer asks you how to hack hotmail , i mean i cant take it i dont know about anybody else.
    But anyways i think that this is probably my favorite site out there , ive learned so much since ive been here , but i will never know everything.
    "Serenity is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it."

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