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Thread: Tiny Linux install params

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    Tiny Linux install params

    I am wanting to install the slackware tiny linux on my 386, but my 386 only has 2mb ram , but is there anyway I can tell the installation that I have 4mb ram? I was thinking maybe I could set the ram size in the params at install, and if I do cheat my way through it will it mess up on me?
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    You can tell it you have 4Mb, but seeing as it is a lie, the system will crash almost immediately.

    Recent versions of the Linux kernel (>1.3) require 4Mb of RAM to boot.

    I've never booted one of the older ones on <4Mb, but on 4Mb, even 1.0 kernels weren't that quick [and their footprint was a lot smaller]

    I'm afraid you just need more memory.

    Try DOS for such a system

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    Where can you get this tiny linux distro? Just curious.

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