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Thread: Title tooltip and AntiPoint Center link

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    Title tooltip and AntiPoint Center link

    Two small ideas:
    • Some thread titles are longer than a certain size, and get trunkated on the home page. By setting the title option in the <a> tag, you can create a tooltip, showing the entire title. Once someone lets his cursor hover above the title, the entire title appears:
          title="MS security patch EULA gives Billg admin privileges on your box!">
          MS security patch EULA gives Billing adm
    • In the "Your account" menu (topleft, main page), have the antipoint-status image link to each user's AntiPoint Center. I clicked those images that much, I think some of them are dented by now.
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    Good points...and yet again it's a dutchman again who thought up this simple but genius things... .
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    hell of a good idea guus, both of them.... would save time going into the titles to find out what the rest of the title was.

    Certainly would make some threads less interesting.
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