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Thread: females on AO

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    Smile females on AO

    I've noticed that more and more females are starting to use AO. I think this is great. In my few years of forums/irc, I've found very few females that were into the whole computer scene.
    The few that I've seen, are amazing. I hope that the female population here on AO grows.

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    I was just thinking that same thing earlier today. There is a growing population of women that are posting.

    I'm glad to see it. Keep it up ladies!

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    i think its good that more laidies are using antionline because the women that are here are very inteligent i havent heard a stupid reply from a lady yet
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    According to recent research, the male/female ratio on the internet has now shifted to something like 57/43. Men still outnumber women, but the massive male majority that originally existed has been diminished, but then women and men look for different things on the internet.
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    If the ratio keeps going up like this, we are going to have to start a second set of top10's based on gender.... umm, never mind...
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    How about a top 10 based on guys banned from harrassing the ladies. I could see that happening...

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    That's something I noticed today as well. I'm just glad more people overall are becoming more interested, male or female.

    Now whether or not they're real is a different story...
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    Originally posted here by Vorlin

    Now whether or not they're real is a different story...
    Great, next thing ya know they'll be asking for a calendar, The Women of AO.

    Watch yourself ladies...

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    LOL...It's a good idea in theory, just probably wouldn't ever happen.

    It's great that more females are getting on and posting here. Maybe it will clean up the acts of some of the guys here...then again, maybe not.

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    Well, I'll tell you, when I was coming up through college there were a very surprising number of females that were in my major (MIS). My graduating class ended up having a fairly even male/female ratio for my major. I think that it's great.
    - Maverick

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