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    hello every one!

    here i got a question?

    when the cd drive has been changed and the very first time iam booting my pc after changing it there i got an error called "operating system not detected"while booting ,so why do we get this and how to get rid of this,please answer this
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    you probably have not set the jumpers correctly on the new cd...either make the new cd "slave' if it's on the same ide channel as your hard drive or master if you put it on its own ide channel...
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    Might want to check and make sure your drive cables are fully seated as well, they tend to pull loose when you move things around....

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    probably happened:
    1. Jumper Setting of which primari master IDE
    2. Bios Set Booting Configuration
    3. You better sparate the IDE cable for HDD and CD Rom/CD R-W

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    Make sure you are not trying to boot the OS from the CDROM. Check your BIOS settings.

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