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Thread: Bandwidth Bandits

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    Bandwidth Bandits

    Just thought I would post this since I didnt see any other treads discussing it. FBI investigate the theft of bandwidth.


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    I read something about this a while back on how this was being done. I'll tell you though, it's always nice to have a lot of bandwidth, but I think that I've got enough in my current setups to be happy. Especially if it would get me in some legal trouble.
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    This happens A LOT with larger enterprise business. We have run into several of our clients that were inadvertantly hosting megs of porn (including kiddie). Many of these large companies have multi class C or even class B nets and through mergers and acquisitions, they completely lose a handle on what their netowork looks like. For these large customers, we can use a tool called Lumeta, which was developed by Bill Cheswick (one of the original mappers of the internet. Pretty cool little product, but definatley not feasibly unless you are a huge enterprise or service provider.

    Good post!
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    that must suck. Those were some nice looking computers.

    I have heard about people doing this to the first cable modems that came out.
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    I'm not sure if I understand what is so wrong with using the bandwith that you are provided with. If your a cable subscriber then you pay for a service. If someone needs to use x amount of bandwidth then let them. There must be more to that story. The FBI confiscating massive amounts of equipment without any arests also troubles me. Am I way off base here?
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    this isn't about using 'the bandwidth you are provided with'.
    this is about people doing something they agreed not to do, i.e. altering their cable modems.
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