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Thread: the end of civilization as we know it

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    the end of civilization as we know it

    By now you may be wondering what exactly we're talking about here‹what these products would do, medically speaking, for the women who apply them, or snort them, or whatever the package inserts instruct. "Aphrodisiac," which my dictionary defines as "an agent, or a drug, arousing sexual desire,"

    What would happen if they invented a drug that would
    give women an appetite for.."you know..."?
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    Hmmm, ... "the magic pill" chase may be a long way off. education may be a more productive endeavor, like maybe at http://fsd-alert.org or others, with liberal doses of aerobic exercise, smooth shaves, impecable grooming, good manners, patience and genuine interest in your partner. At least, that's what some people say...

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    all nonsense - sex appeal is based on how close you resemble the latest cover of vanity fair.

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    FSD does sound like just a lame diagnosis. There are so many reasons that could factor into that study that they didn't even mention. Some drugs take away sexual desires, you just get disinterested, age is also an important factor. Hormonal levels that regulate through the body...psychological reasons, fear...insecurity...they can all inhibit a pleasurable experience. Sometimes, it's just plain and simple lack of communication. If he doesn't know how to please you, then don't expect it from him, teach him.

    Drugs are thrown at the average patient in hopes of magically curing problems that can be dealt with through understanding, education, counseling, and even just talking about it with your partner or a friend.

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    The one thing I agree with in the article was the comment that with women, it's difficult. I may be over simplifying the situation a bit, but it seems that is the case. Men don't seem to have this problem in the way that women do. Granted Viagra is one of the best selling drugs on the market, but it's for men who want to but can't. With women it's much more often Can but don't want to. I don't know as I would be in a big hurry to take a pill to make me want sex.
    The problem here is much deeper than a simple lack of desire. It stems from a lot of psychological issues more than physical. The stress level in the average woman's life now is at an all time high, between work, children, taking care of a home, and trying to please a husband. There are so many ways that women can get distracted...it has been a joke between my husband and I for a long time that if I get a little tiny distraction my mind goes off in that direction, whereas with him, the house could be on fire, and as long as it wasn't in the same room we were, he wouldn't notice til we were done...
    I TOTALLY agree with Greek Goddess...the problem is much deeper than any drug can fix, but it is also so totally simple, it's ridiculous. You just need the right partner, and the right setting.
    In my opinion, the problem that a lot of women have with a lack of desire stems from a lack of a truly loving relationship.

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    Yeah, my wife doesn't have any of these issues. And to be perfectly honest I'd be afraid for my life if she took a pill to make her want it more. hehehe

    There'd be nothing left, I'd be a dried-up husk of a man.
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    Humm my sife has no issues either, am glad that pill is not around like Korp..LOL hey it's only the middle of the week from me ;D. Really though big difference between can't and won't for both sexes. Yeah age is a big factor and who says the kids don't distract dad as well, if not the kids it is the house.
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    thats a buncha bs.
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