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    extracting NT's SAM file

    how can i extract the SAM file from a NT machine while its running. my computer became corrupted and it wont let me. are there any programs that can do this for you? it wont let me once the computer is running for some reason. are there any ways to get around this? thanks fellas

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    Little more info please? Like what was corrupted, why do you need the sam file? Many other questions arise. Please provide the circumstances as to why you need it.

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    I have never tried to extract a SAM file but I think you can do it booting on a boot-disk/cd.
    Indeed the SAM file keeps users info and profiles (Name, status, password...), it's why Windows protect it.
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    KissCool is right you can get it from a boot disk or another partition with xp,2000,nt,linux on it. I've never seen anyone able to acess it while nt is running. It would also help if you told us excaly what you mean by "corrupted". Why can't you restart the computer?
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    Well if u are on a LAN , then you can sniff through an ethernet card and get login sequences ,( i would recommend L0pht Crack.)But other than that , try booting from a cd or a floppy.
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    PWDump2 should give it to you just fine while running. You need to read the instructions on how to make it work, but I've never had problems opening from a live machine.

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