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Thread: linux on my compaq 5220 help!

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    Exclamation linux on my compaq 5220 help!

    I have an old Compaq 5220 and it runs very slow on windows 98, so i figured i should put linux on it, since it is supposed to be better on less powerful machines, mine is 380 mhz amd k6-II and i think it is burning out. I need to know which version of linux would be easiest for these reasons.

    Compatible with my system
    *built-in ATI RAGE XL 8 MB
    *lite-on 24102b cdwriter
    *Linksys LNE-100tx NIC card
    *needs to be fast in e-mailing web browsing and watching streaming video etc.
    *uses little cpu
    *i need an easy to use gui
    *i shouldn't have to restart this but once every two weeks.

    ALSO, please tell me where i could get this. I live in the US so if you could send it to me through snail mail i would send you some money through paypal. I have dsl and have no problem downloading it.

    John Platt

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    Check out these links.

    The Linux Documentation Project

    Linux Iso's

    Redhat Linux

    Start with those. Linux is free, no need for any money exchange. Check out Linux iso's and check each distro's hardware requirements. This should get you on your way.

    I would start with Mandrake Linux first.

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    I had a ATI rage card and it worked fine with Linux. Then I upgraded to a radeon 7500. Theses no Xfee86 drivers. Someone please build some X window drivers for it xp homes sucks. As for versions of Linux I would recommend mandrake, its easy to use and easy to setup.
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    do any of you guys have a packaged version of 8.2, can copy all the cd's for me and mail it to me, for only $10, if so e-mail me. Please give me the disk druid cd i have been hearing about, or is that in the cd. also, do i have to change my computers bios to support linux. what are the buttons to push on a compaq to get there? please help.

    oh yes i also forgot to ask about an antivirus, it needs to take little cpu. do you guys use one?

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    You shouldn't have to make any changes to
    your BIOS setup, but with COMPAQ it's
    usually the F10 key.

    Disk druid is on the main install disk (for those
    distributions that use it). It should automatically
    walk you through the process.
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    the download one the web is only 3cd's, what are on the other 4 in the retail package, could someone send it to me, or know where i can get these?

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    They will be extras docs and so on

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