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    worth knowing

    i just came upon some interesting litreture.did you know that giving away some old pc hardware like m/boards,286/386....32pin ram,as well as any old monitors etc.....could end up doing more harm than good.the reason being that these spares contain harmfull materials like lead and all sorts of enviromental hazardous composits.

    so next time when you think about giving away old stuff,rather give it to somebody who deals with waste disposal.

    p.s. just a thought
    be aware

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    I know that San Diego has a day when you can go down to the Stadium to throw away old computer and electronics. I'm not sure how often it is, but it's at least once or twice a year. I'm assuming other large cities also have such days. Also, if you have to throw something away, you may want to check with your local waste-disposal center (i.e. garbage dump) because they may have aways of disposing of such equipment. Worst case scenario, if the stuff still works, give it to the underprivledged. I personally gets about 100+ donations every year worth of working computers and monitors, so I go down to Mexico with some friends once or twice a year, wait outside of a school when it gets out, and give out complete systems to children and parents that are interested. Other businesses do this as well, so you may want to ask around...


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    I also doniate or I should say my company gives all their retired PC's to charity, and other non-profit orgs. Wipe the hard drives linux and star office and most are happy to get them. Even non working stuff are given to places that refirbish them or use the parts in teaching.
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