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Thread: AIM trouble

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    AIM trouble

    i know i am a newbie and this is a serious question about aol instant messenger. i use a proxy to surf the web and so i decided hey, why not try to configure the proxy for aim. so i set it up as the same proxy that i surf the web with. now the only problem is, when i try to sign back on, it takes forever(i have a cable modem and usually i am online in a flash) but now it just sits there with the message, "1. Connecting...", i cant sign on with anyother sns , it only results with the same effect. i did however, when i was configuring the proxy, left the proxy type as it was, (socks somethign) i wasnt really paying attention(but it was the first one out of 5 going down) help would be appreciated in fixing this delema, next time i know not to mess with things i dont know anything about!!! thanks fellas

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    Umm, best thing you can do is a) get another proxy, b) don't use a proxy, or c) read up on proxies so you understand the different types, including SOCKS, and you can configure AIM to do what you're wanting it to do.

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    Whenever I have a problem like that, I disconnect from the Internet and restart my PC. Maybe there is something screwed up with your current connection. Maybe someone has your IP address and gave you a Trojan. But on the bright side, keep smiling.

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    Usually proxy's for AIM are slow. I used to do it and have the same trouble you are having. I would just try using another proxy. If you get the same results then it just might be what somac112 was saying. Something just might be up with your connection.
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    whats the point of using a proxy for a chat client anyways? It's not like just by chatting with you they can obtain your ip address via netstat. And unless they setup a direct connection with you they can't, but even then I think a proxy would be useless.

    Or maybe you just have some really really really evil people on your buddy list...
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    I would consider downloading MultiProxy.

    What makes this software useful, is that it "tests a list of proxy servers and sorts them by connection speed and level of anonimity".

    You can download it at: http://www.multiproxy.org/multiproxy.htm

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    And unless they setup a direct connection with you they can't, but even then I think a proxy would be useless.
    You're right, even if your on a proxy, if you are direct connected they can netstat your real IP
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