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Thread: Hide my History

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    Hide my History

    Hi all

    I have a problem...in my office using Win2k anWin NT4 server....How i want to skip the Administrator keep monitor what i'n doing or where i go in the net

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    You want to hide your cache, cookies, and history trail to reduce the risk of it being traced off your local machine or are you looking to use an Anonymizer to keep from the having the server monitor redline some of the questionable sites you visit? To perform the 1st part: Under IE select tools > options. Clear offline pages, reduce history to 0, then go though windows explorer and clear out all your temp folders. for the secong part: use your favorite search engine for Anonymizer, and use one that has the functionality that fits your needs.

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    Unless you are the administrator, and/or really know what is going on...I would not assume that what you are doing is not being tracked, no matter what you do. Big brother is always watching, so don't get yourself into trouble (especially if it surfing porn )

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    Just remember, clearing out your cache and history will NOT hide where you have been and what you have done. It only makes it a little less easy to find. If they have an NT domain setup where you work, they probably have you setup to where a remote management system is used (SPS for example), and there are some interesting things you can do with it regarding maintenance and monitoring.

    Also, if they are the administrator for your domain, they are probably administrator for your network and since web traffic is unencrypted, they can either sniff what you are doing on the wire intself or just look at the logfiles on a local network device like a router (at least in cisco you can setup logging through acl's) or a firewall or a proxy server...

    Point is, unless you can setup an ecrypted tunnel out to somewhere else (like a home computer on DSL), you can be monitored from work...

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    also rightclick on the task bar, go to properties, click start menu, and clear the docs/history there as well (in XP you have to click customize).
    But as Neb said, I'd be careful... Dont try to hide what you do, its hard/impossible. just follow the guidelines set by those who set them, or you may be worried about finding a job rather than covering the "questionable" material....
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    Re: Hide my History

    Originally posted here by kazmie79
    Hi all

    I have a problem...in my office using Win2k anWin NT4 server....How i want to skip the Administrator keep monitor what i'n doing or where i go in the net
    The actual request of websites is logged, depending on the network. When you download, the packets have to be routed through a series of routers, most often the routers would log activity. I dont think deleting cookies and internet tracks would do any good anyways, it would just make you look more suspicious.

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