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Thread: Dsap and Ssap

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    Dsap and Ssap

    Hello all,
    pls what does the word Dsap and Ssap stands for and what it means.
    also what does the SYN and ACK does?

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    Dsap and SSA

    DSAP is the Tech drive to the link to the Ethernet protocol
    SSA is the Tech server site link to the Ethernet allowing a full duplex communication.
    Thatís, what I think.

    SYN and ACK
    These are communication of packets on your system.
    SYN- This is a request for a communication used in the 3-way handshake in TCP/IP. Once you send a SYN request for a connection, the target coputer wil reply with a SYN and ACK. So basically what you see in the {State} category Syn that means you are sending a request to connect to a system.
    ACK- The word ACK means Acknowledgement to the request made by a system or computer that is trying to connect to you, immediately a Syn to you, then you need to ACK it, then send back another Syn to the system or computer, this is done to request connection to confirm the packet was sent correctly.
    This should help you at least.
    Ití me V-I-R-U-S

    hey Bello , how could i ve missed that, its NOT Ssap and i dont think there is something like that. it is SSA

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    Did you completely forget how to search google? Just cuious, because the DSAP and SSA questions were quite simple.

    The SYN/ACK question is better. You forgot about the FIN packet, but thats ok.
    ummm, not sure if you can tell what ahmedmamuda said or not though...

    SYN = synchronize
    ACK = acknowledgement

    Computer A sends a SYN packet to computer B saying, hey, lets talk.
    Computer B sends a SYN/ACK packet back to computer A saying, ok.
    Computer A sends a ACK packet back to computer B saying ok.

    Thats the very basics of a three-way handshake where SYN and ACK are used.
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    Bingo souleman!

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