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    Question MakeFiles in C++

    Alright fellas, true n00b question here. I would ask this in IRC but im at a lab computer that i cant d/l on, and it doesnt allow java. Anyway, i am re-writing a file sharer so i have a makefile inside it to execute it. Only thing is, i dont know if its necessary to write it in code, or just do it in bash. Or, I dont know where the code should go in the file, if im writing the code.

    Any help would be appreciated,


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    u want ur program to extract and run makefile when u run it right?
    well, I would just make a simple little script to do run 'em both instead of making it one file
    if I understood ur question right.
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    yeah, its just in kdevelop it doesnt compile my program unless i have a makefile. I am very new to C++ and dont have a clue to actually code a makefile. I read the man pages for it, and couldnt make much sense out of them. Thanks for your help.

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