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Thread: Can I change my IP in Windows XP?

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    Can I change my IP in Windows XP?

    Is there any way I can change my IP in Windows XP... I have dynamic IP...

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    Yeah, restart your computer.... or if your on dial up, hang up and reconnect.
    I think maybe your asking how to mask your IP. But thats a secret....
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    You can change your IP, but it won't do much good.

    Because changing your IP address isn't going to persuade your ISP's router to route packets to that address, your machine will not be able to recieve any packets.

    Unless that is, your ISP's router will cooperate - something which is highly unlikely.

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    Re: Can I change my IP in Windows XP?

    I think you mean ``How do I spoof my IP?``

    To hide your IP from website, use a proxy.
    To hide your IP from IRC, use BNC ( I think. I've never done it ).
    To hide your IP from a remote server, telnet to it, from another box...etc

    Originally posted here by syedtanvirhuda
    Is there any way I can change my IP in Windows XP... I have dynamic IP...

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    It took some looking on google and a couple of assumptions. I am assuming by dynamic IP you are using a DHCP server, so a quick search on google for: XP DHCP release, about the fifth one:


    Step by step instructions on how to renew and release DHCP assigned IP's. DHCP essentially works by having your server request an IP from the DHCP server. The DHCP server responds with an IP address (and at times, default gateway and sometimes even nameservice inf0). The DHCP server will then keep track that it has assigned that specific IP address to your server (a lease). The lease can either be permanant or temporary (times out eventuallY). Your computer (the client) can also tell the DHCP server that you are done using the address and that you no longer need it and it can give it to someone else (release lease) or conversely, you can tell the DHCP server that you still need an address and renew it. I suggest reading the article, but the skinny of it is:

    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew

    Hope that helps,

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