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Thread: Please Help Me! Http Referal Changer!

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    Smile Please Help Me! Http Referal Changer!

    I [shadow]NEED[/shadow] to find a HTTP Referal changer.
    A Http Referal Changer hides the adress and poses as if it was someone elses website adress. Could someone please send me a link to a place to find one? or a place i might be able to ask for one? Thanks.

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    refferal means the site you were on before you visited a certain site. Why would you want to spoof that?

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    This sort of thing is usually done through the use of DNS aliases or an HTTP virtual server. For example, if you wanted the url


    to resolve to the address


    You would either edit the zone.conf file and add an entry for alternateurl.com pointing to the same zone file as realurl.com, or you could add a secondary virtual server for alternateurl.com pointing to the same path as the realurl.com site in your httpd.conf file. If your site is hosted by an ISP or some other hosting company, you may need to ask them to do this for you.
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    some sites limit access to pages based on where they were linked from...additionally, some sites verify the http_referer for form submissions. so in the cases where people download forms and modify them to submit attack-data the ability to change the referer becomes useful. from a security standpoint this measure of determination is so easily overstepped that i wouldn't call it a security measure at all.

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    If you really want something to change your own browser's outgoing HTTP header to change the referral source, try the Proxomitron.

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