Just about to head out for a long-awaited fishin' trip to the high country, but wanted to drop this one on the table and let you tear it up for when i get back in a week or so. i was perusing the weekly workload of our good folks up in D.C., and ran across an item that was a bit interesting:

http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query (HR4633, Driver's License Modernization Act of 2002)

Real simple title, but lots of security possibilities come to mind in the long text, which did take a few minutes to read completely. Some of it held promise for logic, and other of it raised some personal security concerns. Most driver's licenses & credit cards you might lose have a fair amount of data, but even stacked together don't come close to the possibilities with the new national driver's license concept. Went looking around discussion groups and there are lots of people rantin' 'n ravin', packin' up their Bugout bags, loading up the .50's and screaming to high heaven. All that political ravin' ain't what i'm interested in hearing, and neither are you probably; i'd be interested in some level-headed techie considerations of how the process and massive data might be harvested by, say, somebody whose boss needed an organ doner but wasn't very high on the waiting list. Or Guido who needed an identity transplant and was looking for a volunteer whose magic card could, with a bit of plastic surgery, make him passable with the other guys card at the outgoing gate at O'Hare. Let's say you can build an ultra-sensitive card reader, not to be confused with the slide-thru type at the supermarket, and you stand on the corner of 1st & Vine, reading all the cards of the passing pedestrians, or maybe those you stand close to on the bus. After all, if you can database a person for everything from their DNA to their address, it may not be too hard for Guido to find them later when the family doctors picked the most promising volunteer for his boss's failing organs. But then, perhaps that concept is pure fantasy and not a realistic problem for personal security.
Now, no political rantin' 'n ravin, no survivalist bugout suggestions, save all that noise for those other places. let's just try to stick to the technical, security part of this question, and figure the angles of how the perps and crackers may try to harvest (besides the obvious simple pickpocket, which probably wouldn't work very well for several reasons) and use this new personal Driver's License concept the HR is considering. You got plenty of time, i won't be back for a week or so. Best Regards, The Old Man.