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Intel Plots to Overthrow Microsoft

Is Intel plotting to promote alternative operating systems instead of Windows?
I can't prove it. But if you examine the evidence, it's easy to conclude that 1) Intel is up to something and 2) if it isn't scheming against Microsoft... maybe it should be.

Consider these recent events:

Intel invests in Linux, enemy No. 1 of Windows NT. Click here for more.

Researchers at Intel Architecture Labs develop a chip that runs Java.

Intel cuts a deal with Microsoft archenemy RealNetworks for streaming media. Click here for more.

Intel sent engineers to Be headquarters to assist with the port of BeOS to Intel.

Andy Grove opened his speech at Agenda with a demo of BeOS.

When I connect these dots, I conclude that Intel is preparing alternatives to Windows just in case. Clearly, Intel has become over-reliant on Microsoft -- a mistake that has cost the company dearly. Consider:

Microsoft is not doing its job in the interface arena. What's the number one reason computers still aren't mainstream? They're too hard to use. Who's in charge of the interface? Microsoft.

Microsoft is not doing its job in the consumer arena. Windows 98 should really be called Windows 95.1 for all the progress it represents. On top of that, Microsoft is about to abandon the Windows 98 family and switch everybody to NT (Windows 2000). That will lead to confusion and delayed purchases.

Microsoft is not doing its job in the embedded space. Embedded systems (handhelds, smart phones, smart appliances, smart cars, smart homes) will soon be a bigger business than PCs. Microsoft continues to fail in its efforts to create a world-class OS for this space.

Microsoft is not doing its job in the server arena. Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) is key to selling more high-end servers. It's late. Way late.

Microsoft is not doing its job in R&D. It has failed to develop breakthrough applications that drive new computer sales.

Microsoft is working with Intel rivals. It has developed operating systems for chips from companies such as Compaq/Digital, Matsushita and others.

Microsoft is a conniving partner. Just read the recent testimony from Intel in the antitrust case. Click here for more.

Imagine, for just a moment, a $900 PC with two Intel chips. Sporting the elegant Be operating system in all its multimedia glory. Wouldn't that set the market on end? And spur sales of Intel chips?

Intel may be the only company on the planet with enough money, smarts and influence to derail Microsoft. And Intel may be working to do just that. Soon.