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Thread: wish me luck

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    wish me luck

    In just a few more hours (5:00 EST) I am going on vacation for 4 days. Not only will I not have internet access, but I won't have electricity. That means I can only be on my laptop till both the batteries are dead :{
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    ive done the whole no power/no internet thing, though it wasnt by choice. I had to power my laptop from a generator in a RV. Good luck, and enjoy the vacation
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    I think Id go nuts Souleman. Good luck, although its good to unplug now and then, its not easy. I hope you have a good vacation, see you when you return!

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    solar cells, inverters and lots of batteries oh my.

    I spent 2 weeks in the Gulf Islands, CA without any type of connectivity.
    email server @ work lost a HD and nobody could reach me. FUN! Hope you don't have same to return to.

    have a good vacation.

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    Sounds like you already are having withdrawals...... have fun.
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    Augh that reminds me...I have to go on a vacation for 7 days! No internet . But the place has some theme parks and waterparks, so I guess it should be fun, but NO COMPUTER!!! I hoped I'd never say that. Good luck souleman, hope you come back here sane(hehe j/k). But no electricity etiher...

    Thanks for your time~
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    Good Luck dude. You'll need it. 4 days w/o the net or electricity. I think i'd break! :S

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    That kind of thing doesn't get to me. Most weekends are like that for me. Like after 4 pm on Friday I don't see a PC till Monday 9 am
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    Have fun, man. I've never had to do that, but my mother is trying to force me into it... it's not gonna happen. Nope. No way. I wouldn't be able to deal with that junk man, so my good luck goes out to you.

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    Your taking the next step from virtual reality, to actual reality. Have fun!

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