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Thread: Shoddy Software

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    Shoddy Software

    Even though it is at Cnet you may want to have a read about how business are fed up with shoddy software. Couple related links. Enjoy http://msn-cnet.com.com/2100-1001-941549.html
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    What's the matter with CNet? I like CNet.

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    when did cnet become msn-cnet...wtf...do they have to own everything????!

    btw...there's a great article on this topic in the MIT Technology Review this month...(ya i was a bored geek in an airport...but it is a pretty cool mag...hehe) interesting tidbits like (you may already have heard this...but it is too funny..err sad...or something)

    the day xp was released ms released an 18Meg patch to fix stuff they already knew was wrong...the patch recommended that users back up critical files to floppy before installing...unfortunately...the patch was written in a way which prevented xp home users from restoring those files from the backup...

    the patch was pulled...and patched..
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