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Thread: Chat applet auto popup

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    Chat applet auto popup

    Hey, maybe I missed it (a quick forum search didn't reveal anything), but is there a way to disable the chat applet so it wont popup in my face everytime I check AO's main page?

    Not only do I find it anoying (when I want to IRC I use my irc client...) but most of the time it ends up under my browser window so I don't even know I was on until I close my browser (and then you seem rude cuz you didn't reply to ppl on irc..!)

    So, any way to disable it?

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    Just a thought,
    If you have Opera or Galeon, activate the "no pop-up window" feature.
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    Booo to the pop up chat booo.
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    Hasn't the auto-popup-irc thingy been tried before, and been rejected before? I think it's horribly irritating as well.
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    Definately annoying,
    especially as I trigger an IRC alert on the firewall which gets emailed to everyone...... it makes them smile that the Admin of the FW is getting blocked

    can it get switched off please? id rather have the 'Tip of the day' or even, dare i say it, an advert.
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    The IRC applet triggers problems on the network I use, because Java is extremely limited and access to port 6667 is denied for security reasons. The admins don't mind me or anyone else visiting AntiOnline, but they do object to the use of chat forums. As E-1 said, if you're going to have a popup, I'd rather have an ad - at least that way AO benefits from it.
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    I started using the guardster proxy, www.guardster.com I believe. When I use that It seems to block the annoying pop-up.
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    I must agree with everyone else here, the chat popup is annoying at best and I would love to see it gone.

    I think it may turn people off of the IRC chats even more because they are not able to choose being logged into IRC.

    Just my opinion.

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    IRC Pop-up? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of having a link to the chat on the top of the front page? I mean Jeez...but whatever. All I know is that I'm not for it.
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