I just wanted to share another event that happened about 2 years ago after a virus alert and major infection. I did set my filters at the firewall even before this to reject any VBS attachments, and from watching activity knew I was blocking all the email hits. I did send out an internal email alert to the fact of the virus. About 2 hour later my boss come's to me and said that the admin of another system sent an employee an email saying we were infected and he hoped they were not but the message had an attachment with the name of the virus. So I start the scanners on all the servers glance at the message spool and head off for said employee. In the mean time I had like every employee at me as word had gotten out and I want to check this message and see if the viri update from the server went to all the clients. Turns out this admin thought it was funny as a joke to send a regular employee an text file with Hhahahhahaha I got you with the viri name. Thing is this employee did two things first he sent on an internal warning that clearly states not to forward outside the company. Second thing is I called this person directly and asked what he was doing that he just wasted a ton of my time to fool his friend and then tied into him about professional conduct. He did not get it I banned his IP cause we did not do business with the company and my company owners having a full report from me let others in our profession know about what happened. So it was a hoax and because of how it was reported cost me a couple hours of time just sorting out the truth. This hoax cost his professional standing and that of his company, can never take back the sent. Procedures changed after this event the employee is no longer with the company let go for abuse of email.