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Thread: Computer Security

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    Computer Security

    HEy I wanted to know the best way of how i can protect my computer and keep it safe the best security programs and stuff thanks

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    Basic checklist.

    -firewall, configured correctly to block all useless traffic

    -AV software to protect against viruses binded with proggies

    -Packet sniffer to log any malicious traffic

    -(maybe) port scanner to check if any ports on ur comp are open

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    I whould go with a hardware firewall for Internet saftey and then get a good ati virus like norton security that comes w/ a firewall i belive so if you didnt want to use a hardware you can use nortons.
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    I thought this topic was posted like 20 million times just on AO alone since it's new layout.

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    Wow. You do realize that this entire site is dedicated to that very topic? There are several good tutorials to get you started. Perhaps you should approach such a broad topic with some more focused questions. I guess the first question would be 'Which OS are you trying to protect?', 'How valuable is the data/system you're protecting to outside individuals? (ie, how much of a temptation is it?), 'From whom are you trying to protect it? (script kiddies, or industrial spies?)', 'How much inconvenience are you willing to endure to protect your data/system?', 'How much will the other users of the system?' These types of questions are much more specific, and would be much easier to answer here.

    The forums also have archives of several questions already asked by other members. Try doing a search for one specific topic you'd like answers to (like 'How good is ZoneAlarm?')

    Questions like yours are very difficult to answer in a quick reply post. Try narrowing the scope a bit, and try again.

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