Ok , in this tutorial I am gonna explain how crackers would get into a system by brute forcing it.Brute force is using every single username and password combination , and throwing at the login prompt.I am going to explain to you how it works , how it is accomplished , and the legal actions you will take in doing this.Ok , now i am going to draw a graph on how it works.

Dictionary file _________>Encryption__________>UNIX Password File
00110100 GHtff.hgfre Dgfgjklk.zz

No Match

I am going to try to ellaborate on this the best I can.
First a Random Word from the dictionary file is chosen and
thrown at the system.(in this case it is 00110100)
Then It undergoes encryption , which then it is encrypted
to GHtff.hgfre.But the original UNIX password file is Dgfgjklk.zz
right?So it doesnt find a match just yet.Now I am going to draw
A Graph showing the UNIX password file being cracked.

Dictionary file _________>Encryption__________>UNIX Password File
youcantguessme Dgfgjklk.zz Dgfgjklk.zz

The Encrypted Password is "youcantguessme".
Password cracking is definetely best covered from local attack.

Getting Busted Note

Systems Administrators will not take it kindly by you getting into their systems , so I tell you now , be a good guy and if you do get their password file , tell them about it and how to secure it.So if you ever feel the tention to put on your Black Hat and be a pain in the ass , you cant say that I didnt warn you about the legal actions.So Be Nice!!