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Thread: New WebHosting Company

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    Post New WebHosting Company

    Hello All. I am starting a new WebHosting company due to the fact that my company (JCHosting) has been taken by JCHosting.com. That isn't my website but someone with a similar idea who sort of " beat me to the punch" of getting that domain. I am looking for a New name for the WebHosting company and a New Co-Owner for it. If anyone is intrested in Running/Owning it with me or has a name for it, Please PM me or reply to this thread.

    Also, I wanted to add that we will not just be webhosting. We will also be WebDesign and "Server Selling" if thats what you want to call it. We will be selling RAQ servers as well.

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    Hehe, I do the same thing. What kinda server you gonna use? I use a red hat for some webhosting and subdomains and I use windows for selling computer space. What do you use? And what kind of bandwidth connection do you have? Just wondering.

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    Im probably going to use redhat. Im not sure about connection. Would you want to be apart of it? Got idea's for names?

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    Lol, I got my own system going. was hard to get customers at first, but it pays for a lot of tihngs. As for names, is this all purpose? Is it for younger people? If it is pick something like kewl or 1337. If it is all purpose pick something that you wouldn't mind. I stress mind here 'cause not everybody is gonna like your name. And connection is a big problem. My friend who moved away did the same thing. He has an OC3 connection, he didn't pay for the whole pipe though, but it still cost thousands a month. I think my local university also uses OC3 and pay $11,000. Thats how expensive these things can be. And you will probably want a few drives with low capacity, maybe 4 30gig drives to increase speed. And you might need to create some scipts to prevent abuse of your system, maybe some kind of complicated sign up process. And you have to decide on payment, most people prefer cheques as paypal.com costs money but then you need to get a P.O box so people don't find your address.

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    JC...I have no formal experience with any of this, is there a way I could get in on it sort of like an apprentice type ideals, see how it goes, contribute what I can...basically on the sidelines as a learning internship deal? I'd be willing to contribute whatever I can. My knowledge is mostly of webdesign/graphic design, but I want to learn the rest of what you're doing.

    What do you think?

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    Sure, and if you don't pick up as well as you want, you could atleast work in our WebDesign Dept.! Got any idea's for a name though?

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    i reckon call it "tuxhosting.com" due to the fact you are considering using linux as a server, and it is sorta good name

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    Hmmm...I'll try thinking up a list of names to contribute...JC is your name, correct? Do you want something along the lines of the same type of personallization? More dramatic? It's hard to just come up with something off the top of my head. I'm kinda weird like that, if you don't tell me what type of names you want, I'll come up with something completely off the wall and kinda wacky.

    And I'd love to help with design, always a newb, but love to practice.

    EDIT: tuxhosting sounds great, but wouldn't it be some sort of copyright violation? I mean, it would almost be the same as what Michael dealt with when he created Lindows, since MS seems to own the word Windows...I don't know though, at the same time, tux is pretty ambiguous, but then again not....I don't know, because Linux is opensource, and people can make their own distros and such, but can you use tux in your company name?

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    i started my own webhosting more than a year ago, just something to do in my spare time (i have a full time job as a network admin / helpdesk sorta guy for a linux company). its been in various phases of testing (and i suppose in this industry, will always be), and its near completion - just gotta add one more box in. my friend / business partner are both into sci-fi / fantasy fiction, and have named our business Sorcerer Systems. i have named the boxes after elven homes in sci-fi - elvandar, qualinost, silvanost... doing this has helped me learn linux a lot and improve my systems admin / security / networking skills. it has been really fun, but a fair bit of pressure as well.

    anyway, i suggest you name your boxes after a theme of your interest, and as for your company... make it somethng interesting too. imho there are too many hosting companies with *host* or *web* in their names... BORING! =)

    good luck with your operation.

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    I found an interesting links that may suggest some names or give you some ideas on what to name you business:


    I had been looking into starting my own personal webdesign business, but I decided against it because it was kinda late and everyone on the internet seemed to have one or the other, and I chickened out seeing some of the things people could do, and I certainly wasn't ready for the commitment at the time. I did come up with some spiffy names from suggestions and hints from that site...It's a great resource on all aspects of starting your own business. Definitely a great read.

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