Hi, I was in the dolar store and purchased a computer mouse, it was a ps/2 mouse, but I only have space for a serial mouse, I dont have a ps/2 connector. So I got a friend to help me, he gave me a ps/2 to serial adapter, I just plug the mouse into this adapter, then plug the adapter in my serial port. But when I started the computer the mouse was not recognised. I thought since Windows has so much hardware suport it would be auto detected. But i did recive a error message in a dialoge box saying no mouse was found, and if i wanted to put in a ps/2 mouse that i need to turn off the computer. But the computer was off when i pluged it in, so useing my new microsoft internet keyboard pro, I opened up controll pannel then add remove hardware, Now keping in mine that my mouse is made by nikao (parts by design) i decided to let it search for hardware, it detected a problem with my mouse, now when i chose to manualy find my mouse, after having not suceeded with the cd rom for windows 98 se, i could not find nikao in the list of manufactures. But the mouse did not come with software, and it sais on the package it is windows compatible, and all the minimum requirements i have. So i searched google for the serial number, nothing was found, so i looked for their home page, after a few minute i found it, at www.nikao.net (how nice of them not to advertise their home page on the package). so when i got there, i noticed it is poorly designed web site (my opinion) so i began woundering about their quality. its a beautiful mouse and it is stamped by quality controll so it should work. I also took notic, that there was a picture of a keyboard in the background on the pacage, with nec writen on the top right, so i went to www.nec.com (took a wild guess) and it apears nec does not sell computer mice, furthermore nowhere on the nec site was the word nikao. Can anyone sugest a method for me to get my new mouse to work. it is a ps/2 mouse, i have a ps/2 to serial adapter.