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Thread: Rsync to update Linux packages

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    Rsync to update Linux packages

    Hello People,

    I friend gave me a small script that uses rsnyc to go away and collect updated packages for security and bugfixes in my Mandrake 8.2 distro so I thought I would share it with fellow *nix users.

    I know Mandrake has the GUI Software Manager which does the same thing, but there are some things I still like doing from the commandline, it can also be run as a cron job so that your machine remains up-to-date.

    The script calls up the ftp server of your choice (modify in the script) and downloads the packages into the directory of your choice (modify in the script) ready for updating.

    The only drawback is it grabs everything from the server, but on the upside the updated packages will be sitting on your computer should you decide to install a particular piece of software in the future.

    The script is pretty self explanatory and I believe it can be modified for any linux distro. I have attached a .txt file with the script, so its just a matter of copying/modifying to suit. It must also be and executable with the appropriate users permission for your system.

    I hope someone finds it as useful as I have and if anyone finds/knows of any fundamental flaws please let me know.

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    Nice, Thank you for sharing!

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