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Thread: What to do with an Ip address...

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    Exclamation What to do with an Ip address...

    I've found out how to get Ip's and stuff...but since im a newbie, what do i do with the ip addresses??? Besides Connecting to there comp, and pinging them, or tracerouting them, what damage can i do with an ip?

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    This just isn't going to go over very well, you might want to delete this thread QUICK!

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    Why would you want to do damage?
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    duck and cover....

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    None, this is a security site, ****bag.

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    Geez... posted this twice, eh? You must be really desperate then... ok, I'll hook ya up. As I said in the other thread, all you have to do is:

    • Right click on "Network Neighborhood" or "My Network Places" and Select "Properties"
    • Open up the properties for your network card
    • Select TCP/IP Settings (for your network card)
    • Make sure to select "Use the following IP address"
    • Set IP address to
    • Set netmask to
    • Reboot

    You'll find that with this address, you'll have special priviledges - very cool! You've GOT to try it! You might also find that some other addresses give you even better privs, though you'll have to play around with them for a while... any of the 127.0.0.* (2-254) give some good leet hacks. If you want to blow you're own mind, you can even use (make sure that netmask is right, though). There's a bunch of them... try then all out!

    Doh! I almost forgot... you'll also need to make sure that all traffic is routed back through your machine to make sure you stay in complete control... to do this, go to a DOS prompt and type:

    route add MASK
    Be sure to change that IP address to whatever you set your IP address! Hope that helps - and g'luck!
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    No, the best way to damage a comp with an IP is to set yours up to hack into their by default. Very simple way of doing this is going into win.ini and deleting all the stuff in there, and replacing it with their IP on the first line, yours on the second line, and their name, whatever they logon onto their network with, like first initial with last name. Your comp will then gain access to theirs by default, have fun with that. Oh and you may have to delete command.com to do this because it is set up to block access to other computers. Trust me, this is a great way to try your hand at hacking. When you set this up PM me telling me how it turned out plz.

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