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Thread: Hello, I'm back

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    Thumbs up Hello, I'm back

    Yaaay! It's great to back on AntriOnline after three or more weeks without a computer.

    After frying the motherboard by a short near the BIOS chip(Maybe I should have kept that cover ON without having crap find its way into the board) I upgraded to an ASUS board with hardware RAID and DDR RAM.... it's a very, very sweet board, but the CPU is running a little warm (170-171 F), and was wondering if I set the VCORE too high, or if I need better cooling. If any of you are familar with this, that would be cool.

    it's great to be back and see old faces again

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    Cooling is always a cool thing. I think Maximum PC has some decent articles on cooling types and setups. Tom's Hardware is one place to take a gander at for this as well.

    Hope this helps. =D And welcome back!
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    That is way too hot!

    Couple of basics to check..is the HSF seated properly on the CPU and did you remove the tape from the bottom of the fan? Not insulting your intelligence just covering the basics here...

    Make certain your HSF is rated to the CPU you've got installed on the board and if the board has the option to do a "jumperless" setting, do so and see what happens with the temps, you may have tweaked it too high.

    This is just a start but you really need to get the temps down before you fry that chip.

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    fyi my server is running at 31C...which is about 90F...half of what you are running at...course i do have 6 fans and the server sits next to the ac vent ...but still...170F
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    Just to add to what everybody is saying, 170F is critical. Way to high, stand back Captain, I think she's going to blow ! !

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    Thanks, I will check it. And TechieChick, you are not insulting my intelligence, you helped me out cuz I do not know everything, especially CPU settings (The old EPOX did not have all these fancy overclocking features). I tried a lot of things to get the temps down, and my wife suggested a better fan. Anyway, I better turn this off before I do not have a CPU anymore


    Make certain your HSF is rated to the CPU you've got installed on the board and if the board has the option to do a "jumperless" setting, do so and see what happens with the temps, you may have tweaked it too high.
    That's what I do not understand. I do not know what to set the chip so it will not run so darn hot. Is there a formula you use to determine CPU frquencies and the like? Right now, I have an Athlon 1000 MHz, and the fan is running at 4750 RPM, the VCORE is at 1.792, and the frequencies are 100x10 - 100/33 (the lowest setting). Is this wrong? Oh one more thing; the CPU was running just fine on the EPOX with no excessive heat... does heat differ from one board to the next, or am I missing some jumper or setting? Garsh I feel stupid

    /Goes back to drawing board

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    Most ASUS boards have an auto setting on the dipswitches, the board should have come with those set to the default position but I always double check them just to be safe.
    Check your manual on the board, it'll be in there.
    As far as the HSF being rated properly, did you buy it with the CPU? Some of the standard HSF's they pass out are basically garbage. I usually buck up for a decent fan, paying anywhere from $25 to $70 for a copper one. The box will tell you if it's rated to an AMD 1000 or better.

    Good luck!

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    Yeah, it came with the CPU. Darn, $70 for a fan? Oh well, better $70 than a fried chips.

    Anyway, I think it's at the default setting on the dipswitches, but it does not help when I myself am a dipstick trying to find what dipswitch makes things right. I'll call ASUS tech support and see what they know... heh, I paid $180 for the board

    Thanks everybody

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    ASUS tech support...he'll be gone for days!!!!

    Call the vendor you purchased it from, you'll have better luck there, imo.

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    LMAO... I called tech support, and they are just as lost as I. The guy said , "Why is it running so hot?"

    Heeeeer's your sign.

    I'll call the guy I bought it from and see what he says.

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