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    is anyone here a consultant? if so, what did you find was the best way of attracting new clients. i was thinking of some sort of direct mail campaign, but wanted to hear what others did first.

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    No, not direct mail campaign. That's just spam, nobody likes spam. Just register an ad in your local newspaper or Libyan equivalent of the Yellow Pages (big company directory listing thing).

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    yup... and mailing spam to ppl is illegal in some countries so better not do that hehe
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    I'm a technical consultant, specializing in security (both physical and electronic). Honestly, I've received most of my business through various connections. I live in well-to-do area and started by simply joining a local walking group to try to earn some individual business. Most of the people were older (40-60) and many had computers but didn't know what do with them. I started off by teaching some indivduals how to do things, and worked my way up to holding classes at my home with a small network, where I could teach 6 people at time with a whiteboard and a computer hooked up to a projector. Each person had their own workstation available to them, and I simply took them step-by-step through whatever I was teaching. With this, I earned some more contacts, and was soon settings up small networks for individuals, including some exec's of local businesses. Within a few months, I was working for people such as Exec VPs of Qualcomm, Cox Communications, etc., which gave me a door to step though for businesses. I now do a great deal of consulting with small businesses, setting up networks, securing them, upgrading physical security systems with outsourced security firms, etc.

    I would never send out any mail, e-mail or make telephone calls to earn business. As the others said, that's considered spam or junk mail. I personally throw away anything that I didn't ask for without even bothering to read what they want to offer me. If I need something, I'll look for it myself. I work through word of mouth. I have tried advertising in network magazines and the local ComputerEdge, but, for to work with businesses, I have earned way more business simply through meeting and working with the right people. Once you make a few good impressions, you're set. Now, my resume is unbeatable, and I can get letters of recommendation for someone in nearly any field of expertise in order to land a part-time or a consulting job.

    If you want further advice or some tips how to get started, I'd be more than happy to help if you PM me.


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    Network people to people like avden has, mail any means snail or eletronic will be lost in a wasteland of grabage that is only $19.95. Another way is to join local user groups lacking one start one. Approach any business understand the nature of what they do, and yep some of them will have suits on or at least a tie. Forget the telephone also cause you will be put into voice mail boxes of who you call. Buisness no matter what the hype out here is usually from direct personal contact when you are providing any service. If you know the tech part then look to someone to sale you as in marketing lots of free agent reps that will just ask for a percentage of the work they bring you. Don't know how to market yourself let someone do it for you at a fare price and earn their commission.
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    Mailing is not good. as nobody likes reading it.. well if u follow i will tell u something.
    as u want new clients so u might be knowing their locations and their offices. then just call up and take an appointment. then after that u can go there and meet them personally and give a presentation.

    well this is a bit difficult task and time consuming also but believe me if the shot hits then it will be a permanent shot !!!!

    all the best..

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