This is more of an reson that a tutoial.
Nano Tech what is it and why do we need it?
Well there are many ways to answer this question.
Nano Tech (If im spelling it right lol) is a based on making a chip smaller and faster.

Now how will this work?
Well in a cpu there are the transmiters and there is the actual chip now to make the chip fast you must get the transmiter as close as you can to the chip. Now with are current tech we have reached the limites of cpu speed. So they started making a percedure that makes the chip faster and takes u less space. What happens is that they get the transisters smaller so they can fit it more tightly to the chip its self or thats the way i was described to. So the result makess the chip much faster and with less space.

The main question is when will this come out?
Well from my understanding the tech is out there they are just waitig for companys that want the tech. The one reson that companys wont use it is that the tech is so expensive. The only ppl that could buy it is the major biz like microsoft and such but even they wont touch it because no one needs that speed exept for the server companies.

I apoligise for my misspellings my keyboard is messed up and keeps pausing me from typing. Thx for rding i hope its usfull data for you geeks and beginers.